I shoot on 35mm. I do not consider myself a "photographer" in any legitimate sense. As accesible as photography is, I have found it overwhelmingly, back-breakingly, nerve-rackingly, palm-sweatingly difficult to create meaningful art with. These shots are not meant to be masterpieces. They are meant to catalogue my life, passions, and creative exploits in an evocative way.

THE PHOTOJOURNAL is just a teaser. My complete portfolio can be viewed here.

  1. Old School
    14 Mar, 2017
    Old School
    I quit iTunes a long time ago. I mostly buy CDs now.
  2. Night
    16 Jan, 2017
    My view coming back from practices, gigs, outings, adventures, etc.
  3. My skateboard pedal board.
    07 Jan, 2017
    Pedal Board feat. my Camera Strap
    Some thoughts today: The music industry of today is uniquely tolerant of imperfection—not because imperfection can be forgiven, but because it can be all but exterminated in post-production. The automated deities of our age turn the best and worst of singers alike into shaded eidolons—lifeless and magnificent. At the same time, there exists a counter-running music culture which, by contrast, does not tolerate imperfection—it accepts it, welcomes it, and, at times, cherishes it. It lets you